How do I get inches in 0 0/0

There only seems to be feet-inch-fractions (0’ 0 0/0") or inches in decimals(0.0"). No in-between like it was on desktop. I would like inches and fractions only as in 0 0/0". For example, this would look like: 56 1/2". what’s it’s doing now: 4’ 8 1/2".

In the bottom of the left side menu you can open Model Info and set what units to use. I’m not an expert on local US units but i think what you want is called fractional inches and what you describe is called architectural.

this is all I have as for options in the bottom right.

Unfortunately they haven’t given an inches only option in the Web Version, yet.

Download a free trial of the desktop pro version. Create a new file using the Woodworking template. Upload that file to the web version and use that file as your new starting point. This will preserve the inches only setting from the desktop tool.

Unfortunately, I’ve already re-installed SketchUp 2017 as it seems to be the only one that’s disconnected enough to work. For my needs, it has more than enough features.

As long as you are just using it for hobby stuff, you should be just fine with 2017 Make.

How about updating your profile with the correct version, license type and graphics card. That information helps us help you.

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