Trying to set measurements in decimal inches for Sketchup Make

I was able to do this in Pro trial but I see only 3 options in the Free version (feet and inches, meters and millimeters). I’m using feet and inches but I want .25" not 1/2". In ProTrial I see the option: “decimal inches you must select Decimal instead of Architectural, Engineering or Fractional as the format.” but I can’t find that option in the free version. Any help is appreciated.

When you start a new model, the templates you can choose from are limited to Feet&Inches, Metres, Millimetres. After you’ve chosen feet & inches, then click the model info icon which is on the right of the screen, the bottom icon. Then you can choose decimal fractions of inches and a precision from 0.0 to 0.000000.

If you have a copy of the Desktop Sketchup, you could use a file from there as your template and transfer it via Trimble Connect.

Click the image to see it all including the icon at the bottom right:

Thanks my man! Piece a cake :wink:

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