New to Web Version

Hi, long time SU user, new to web version. Initial impression is identical to every other web based app I’ve ever used (jaded IT by trade).

How does one change from Architectural feet-inches to just inches? The online help still points to the traditional app method window>model info, which is just great for us trying to use this garbage…

Sorry for the sass. Just disappointed.


You can change the units in Model Info. Currently there is no option to select Fractional inches. You can choose Decimal inches, though.

The link you posted goes to information regarding the use of the desktop versions. See the following to get started with the web versions.

Thanks for confirming. Whether by design or unintentional that’s unacceptable. They’ll have to pry 2017 out of my cold dead hands.

Well, as a hobbyist, you might as well keep using SketchUp 2017 Make.

I use both SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Shop. Most of my furniture model is done in fractional inches and I can still enter fractional inches in the web version.

They might add Fractional units to the web versions at some point.

They’re making it harder. All/most of the 3D warehouse models no longer have an option to download in 2017 format, or at least ones that I tried recently that I know are previous versions. I don’t expect support on it but I don’t appreciate the squeeze play either. I can see $300 for a hobbyist perpetual license but a yearly subscription is just abusive. I don’t see how they support what was a once robust community and especially extension writers.

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