Change existing model units to Fractional from Architectual

I am using Sketchup Free. When I start a new model I can choose units to be Architectual ft & in, Fractional - inches, . However, I cannot change my choice later.

I would like to temporarily switch an existing model from Architectual to Fractional to do a particular printout. The free version does not provide a way to this, does the Go/Shop version provide a way to do this?

There is no Fractional units option in the web-based versions of SketchUp. Only Architectural or Decimal. You can change units in existing models via Model Info.
Screenshot - 5_21_2022 , 9_21_12 PM

Thanks for your reply.

I came up with a workaround for the SU for Web free version. It’s adequate for the very occasional need I have.
My working model uses Architectual feet & inches.
To create a temporary/duplicate model that uses Fractional - inches, I followed these steps:

1- Open the model that uses Architectual feet & inches
2-Download as .SKP file
3-Create a new model and select Fractional - inches from the dropdown list.
4-Import the .SKP file (from step 2)

Notice, your dimensions are now displayed in inches (ex: 45 1/2" instead of 3’ 9 1/2")

Now I can print (to PDF) the outputs I need to be in Fractional - inches.
Then I delete the temporary model that shows dimensions in Fractional - inches.
I only make changes to the model that uses Architectual feet & inches, it is my working model.

I share these steps in case it might help someone else.


P.S. After thought. Alternatively, if you want to switch your working model to using Factional - Inches, then delete the model that uses Architectual feet & inches, and keep the model that uses Fractional - inches. At least it appears to me (a Sketchup newbie) that this would work.