Inches only Not Feet (Paid Web Shop Version)

I have found this topic many times on the forum but the solutions offered there are either inaccurate or don’t work any more. I am using the paid subscription shop tier of sketchup. I would like to use fractional inch dimensions instead of feet + inch dimensions. How is this possible

Currently it isn’t possible to display dimensions in only fractional inches. You can enter dimensions that way as you are working but they will still be displayed in feet and inches. There has been a request made to add Fractional Inches to the choices and there’s hope it will be added someday.

BTW, your profile says you are using the free web version, not Shop. Maybe you could update your profile.

Thanks for the quick response. This, to me, is quite pathetic on the part of Trimble. It is such a simple feature to implement and one that was available on older versions of Sketchup.