Template problem

No. Toolbars have never been part of the template.

It always has for me Dave.

I’m sorry but it hasn’t. The template is only a SketchUp file. It can’t hold toolbar locations. If it did, you could have different toolbar arrangements for every SketchUp model you make.

Dave - I’ve come from Sketchup 4 - every time there is a new release I’ve set up my desktop with all my objects where I want them and saved the template as default. This is the first time it hasn’t worked.

Toolbar position is remembered over sessions rather than as an option of the template. At least it is since SU2013 (if my memory is correct). Prior to that it often got messed up, which is why there was a save toolbar option, and a plugin or two to fix it.
When you open a model it will show you the toolbar layout you had showing when you closed the last running instance of SU.
So if you always keep your tools in the same position as the template you should see no difference. But if you move things around it will look different depending on how it was when you last closed.
That being said, I still think you have a permissions issue in your system that is causing your template problem.

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I started with version 3. Despite that, the toolbar positions have never been part of the template. I’ll grant you that something isn’t working as expected with your system but looking at the template for toolbar positions is not useful because the template has nothing to do with it.

Did you remove SketchUp 2017, then?
SketchUp versons are seperate programs, they can be installed and run next to each other.
They all have their own serial number and authorization key.
2018 starts with T
2017 starts with S
2016 … … R
So if you use the right serial for the version, it should be ok. You can not activate older versions of the same license number on new machines once you have activated a new one. Hence the trial period of 30-days in wich you can try the new version, before activating.
Starting with 2018, SketchUp takes some settings from the prior version.
Unless there are writting permissions issues/Antivirus software running.