2020 Pro Bug Splat

I’m using Windows 10, Sketchup Pro 2020. I have a drawing of a large packing crate, it’s made up of 6 sides which are grouped to make the entire crate. I have variations of this crate to draw, its much easier for me to scale the crate instead of re drawing the entire thing. Each time I go to re-scale the grouped items I get a bug splat.

I’ve only just installed this version of Sketchup Pro around the 30th March 2020, so as far as I know it’s the latest version. I did get a message explaining Sketchup may be aware of this error and have made a patch or something to fix it. However the link they provided just sent me to the download page of Sketchup, which i’m sure is back to the same version I’ve already installed.

Any pointers would be much appreciated as it happens each time I try to perform this task.


There was a patch, I do not know the exact date, but it wouldn’t hurt if you installed it, again. Save the file and close SketchUp, download and install that version of the provided link.
Best to rightclick on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’

Dumb ass question time, am I right in saying to download a patch I just have to re-install the entire program? That being all my installed extensions and everything?


Yes, you need to reinstall. The only version available on the Trimble download site is the most recent patch.

It will not overwrite or discard any of your preferences, extensions, etc.

OK, so it wont install another program then, as i would say if I were downloading a newer version, like 2019-2020?

Thanks for your help, hopefully this will fix my issue, have a shed load to do and this is slowing down the process.

No. It overwrites the previous installation of the same version. Before the changeover to a new installer system, you used to get a popup asking if you wanted to keep or replace the previous files. This never really made sense because while two different major versions (e.g. 2019 and 2020) can be installed at the same time, two different minor versions (e.g. 2019 and 2019.3) cannot.

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