Technical problems with Sketchup

I bought a new computer, installed SketchUp. I removed the license and uninstalled sketchup on the old notebook. But when I open the program I just can not work on it. I see and I can click on the commands but they do not fire. Even opening an already done model, I can not visualize. Can someone help me please?

In SketchUp, go to [menu]Window->Preferences->OpenGL and untick ‘Use Fast Feedback.

Any changes?

Thank you so mush!

It´s work now!!

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So that you know: getting success by turning off use fast feedback indicates that your graphics are marginal for use with SketchUp. If possible, I’d recommend you get a better graphics adapter (NVidia have the best reputation) if you plan to do much SketchUp on this computer.

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Thanks my friend.
The computer comes with a UHD Graphics 630 from the factory.

I intend to exchange it in the future

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or better.