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Apologies if this has been asked before…this is all new to me and the instructions are fairly limited. I have 30 days to learn the system, to see if it works for us but all I get is a black screen where I should get a person and axes.

Any ideas what is wrong Have I inadvertently selected a blackout option??

Thanks in advance

In SketchUp, goto Window->Preferences->OpenGL-> untick ‘use fast feedback’

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I expect that Mike’s solution will take care of the problem in the short term. If it does you really should be looking at using a computer with a suitable graphics card. Low performing integrated Intel graphics cards are well-known to be lacking in adequate support for OpenGL which is something that SketchUp needs.

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Awesome! That worked. Thanks Mike

Thanks, Dave. Not really sure what Graphics cards are good or not. To be fair I am using the laptop that we do the admin on so I’ll check the designing one later. Thank you

Nvidia are recommended by most the community, with the GTX / RTX series having the most value for the price. Look at GTX1060 or newer. (Ie, Quadro cards are more expensive whilst not giving any more than the consumer GTX gaming GPUs.)

Some users have also had success with AMD gaming GPUs.