Help guys!

I’ve tried so many sketchup installers already and every one of them goes out this way.

As you can notice there’s black lines and I cant get rid of it. Please help :frowning:

untick ‘use fastfeedback‘ in Window->Preferences-> OpenGL


Sorry man I did not quite get it. Kindly explain it in a much easier way. Thanks in advance :smiley:

The way I explained it was the easiest way…

Do you have a pointing device, such as a trackpad or a mouse?
You can use it to point the cursor at the menu items in the top of the window of SketchUp ( from left to right: File-Edit-View-Tools-Window-Help)
Click on the Window item with the left button of the mouse or trackpad, it will popup a menu with some items, one of them being ‘Preferences’

Now click on that.

A window with all the settings for the SketchUp session will appear.
Here, you can select the OpenGL tab, which should show the ‘Use fast feedback’ option.

Did you check if your machine was capable of handling SketchUp?

One of them being is to have a dedicated graphics card in your system…

Edit: if someone screams ‘help’ you throw a lifebuoy, not the manual😃