Can't see my work - no visible objects

Impossible to work as i cant see any created object, lines and objects i draw are appearing only in tray or LayOut but they are not visible in working space,

What is the problem? just a new comp latest generation, no problems with RAM or video card, SketchUp reinstalled few times, but each time same situation. Trial version (why should i pay for something doesnt works?)

Open SketchUp. Go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Untick the box for Use Fast Feedback. Does that help?

Thanks a lot! it works, havent found this feature before

You’re welcome. The fact that this works indicates your graphics is not really suitable for 3D graphics work. Your profile indicates you are using the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 which is a low-performing graphics adaptor. Integrated GPUs are not recommended for SketchUp. If this is a new computer and you plan to do a lot of graphics work, you might see if you can return it for a computer with a suitable graphics card.

If you do decide to stick with this computer, watch out for automatic Windows updates. These updates are well known for containing broken graphics drivers.

And a question about how you installed SketchUp 2019: Did you right click on the downloaded installer file and choose Run as administrator from the context menu?

It works good with Archicad, 3d Max, and other graphics, no rendering problems…
It is a tablet and was considered like a good choice for sketches on the way and it works exceptionally fast with all graphics i use, so i will keep it.
About SketchUp installation - normally all programmes are istalled under admin rights (automatically asked)
but i will try to reinstall again using your advice to be shure.
Thank you

When you reinstall, make sure SketchUp is closed, right click on the installer, select Run as administrator and then choose the Repair option when it presents itself.

Reinstalled as you told: still needs to change open gl préférences for fast feedback, but anyway - it works now,. It was good expierence to communicate with you Dave. thks

Happy I could help.

Repairing the installation wouldn’t fix problems that are due to an inadequate GPU so it’s not surprising you need to leave Fast Feedback turned off. I asked about your installation process in hopes of heading off other possible problems. It seems not many people know about the need to install programs properly on Windows 10. I just wanted to get that out of the way for you early.

Good luck.