New Sketchup install doesn't want to draw

Just installed a fresh new Sketchup 2018 on a Windows 10 machine.
For some reason I’m not able to draw anything.
The select tool just creates rectangles
Using any object tool doesn’t draw any object
The standard template normally appears with a man presenting all exis, my Sketchup doesn’t show anything

Used the Sketchup checker 2018 and it doesn’t show any issues, checked the Graphics card to have latest drivers.
Uninstalled Sketchup and re-installed again.

Any help from anyone?

Open SketchUp, go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Untick Use Fast Feedback. Do you see any improvement?

Intel graphics are notorious for inadequate OpenGL support. You say you checked to see that you have the latest drivers. How did you do that? Did you go to the Intel site directly to download and install the latest drivers? Or did you just let Windows tell you?

Another thing of importance: When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the installer file and select run as administrator? If not, close SketchUp and do so now. Make sure you are logged into your computer using your normal log in. Find the installer in the Downloads folder, right click on it and select run as administrator. When given the option, choose Repair.

Perhaps you could take a minute to update your profile with the right info. It says you are using SketchUp Make 2018 but there is no SketchUp Make 2018. Correcting it will make it easier in the future and others won’t have to ask for clarification when they try to help you out.

There we go,