Sketchup 2019 won't start new drawing

I have a new problem that has developed in Sketchup 2019 over the last two days. I previously had it running on this computer, but when I tried to start it today, it loaded to the main screen as normal. I then selected which template to use for a new drawing. After I did this, it went to the blank screen with menus across the top and sides but refuses to finish loading and won’t allow me to start a new drawing. I haven’t installed any new memory or graphics cards from where it was before.

Any thoughts?

Go into Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Untick use Fast Feedback. Any change?

That’s the problem, I can’t get that far to change that setting. I select whichever template and the screen goes to this screen and freezes. I’ve tried leaving it running for several hours to see if there was just something “stuck” in the program that had to load through, but no luck.

Did you click on the Window menu at the top of the SketchUp screen? Then click on Preferences>OpenGL. Untick Use Fast Feedback.

At the top of the screen I pictured originally, I can’t do anything. That screen is completely unresponsive and says as such whenever I try clicking. I get this screen at the opening, select Architectural or one of the others then it goes to the first screen I showed, which is absolutely unresponsive and can’t make selections on it anywhere.

Have you used SketchUp with multiple displays?

You mentioning that give me a thought. I shifted the initial splash screen to my primary monitor instead of the secondary after selecting Run As Administrator. Then I selected the template I wanted to use. Between those two things being done differently, one of them made it open right. Thank you for mentioning multiple displays.

You shouldn’t need to select Run as administrator when starting SketchUp. You should have used Run as administrator when running the installer, though.

Just a note that I get the same lockup of ANY SketchUp version on my notebook that runs a GTX1060. I MUST have the main application window on the computer’s main internal display or SketchUp locks up.

In order to set things correct (if I forget and drag the SU app window to the secondary display,) I then must delete the JSON preference file that has the window location settings in it.

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