Technical difficulties when buying SketchUp

I bought and downloaded sketchup almost a week ago… Ever since I first tried to get logged in to the program I have been getting this message: “We are experiencing technical difficulties. An internal entitlement management service has occurred” I have tried deleting the program three times, and have tried to check in several times each day since I bought it!!

What to do??
Have I been tricket and scammed?

Definitely not that. Have you put in a ticket with Support?

I do see something unusual about your account. I’m checking with a colleague about it.

Thank you!

No… What do you mean when you say “ticket”?

Did you try to make contact with customer support through the official channel. Fortunately it appears that Colin is available and saw your post here but you would normally want to make an official contact with Customer Support.

Oh… No I did not figure out how to do that… I could not fint an email-address, nor a phone number… But thank you for your help and for giving me the link. It is much appreciated!!

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Colin should get you sorted pretty soon, I expect.

I went ahead and started a support case for you. You will see that an email just arrived, and I will send another message when we figure out what is causing the error.

Hi Colin. I am having the same issue with mine. I purchased a subscription and downloaded 2021 Pro and it will prompt me to sign in but will not launch saying “We are experiencing technical difficulties” and suggests I sign out and sign back in. Which I have done several times, restated my computer and re-downloaded and still not working. Can you please help me?