We are experiencing technical difficulties An internal entitlement management service error has occurred

This is the second year I renewed a subscription and again everything went haywire. I can’t access Sketchup Pro 2021, as I get this error message after I successfully log in with a browser.

I think last year it had to do with multiple profiles with my same email address in Trimble’s system. They gave me a temporary classic license while they worked it out.

Now I’m back in the same position again, unable to work because of their faulty licensing scheme. This has to stop. It is totally unacceptable.

Any ideas how I might get around this error while I wait for tech support to respond?


I let Alice know to look for your new request. She may remember what was the solution last time she helped you.

Side note, trying to get in touch with SU support is infuriating, and it is twice as infuriating when you can’t get into SU to get your serial number because the right avenues for support require the serial number. It shouldn’t be this hard for a product that is made for professionals that is sold at a healthy price. We’re paying for this support that we can’t readily obtain. The lost business from not being able to work exceeds the cost of the subscription. It’s absolutely unacceptable.

Earlier you said you have a subscription. There would be no serial number to get with a subscription.

So how do I get support for this issue? The form online for tech support requires a serial number. The subscription system is broken. Two years in a row. Same failure.

Our technical support form no longer requires a serial number to submit a request. As long as you are signed in with your Trimble ID, you’ll be able to submit a request on this page: Technical Support | SketchUp Help

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When I click that link I get the attached web page that requires a serial number. The Message Us link is grayed out.

Typically, you’ll see this screen if you are not signed in with the Trimble ID associated with your subscription. However, you are welcome to submit your request on the Customer Support contact page, found here: Support - Customer Support Question | SketchUp Help We will make sure your request gets routed and addressed by the appropriate team.

No, I’m logged in with the right email. I believe the problem last time was that I had several, maybe dozens of profiles in the Trimble servers for some reason with the same email address. They somehow worked that out. Now I renewed my subscription and it probably added another profile. I bet it’s the same issue as last time.

When you call the licensing support number in the licensing email I received, I get the pleasure of holding for 20 minutes and then it abruptly disconnects without warning. I tried 3 times, all with the exact same result. Who programs their auto attendant to keep a customer on the line for 20 minutes and they dump them?

Another wasted day with no use of my subscription.

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