Problem with serial number upgrading to SU 2013

This morning I tried to use my old SketchUp versions only to discover that all the templates had disappeared and could no longer be accessed in 8 or even 7 ? They do not even show up in my Library/Applications Support / SU folder. I was unable to open any imported files from an architect and no information showed up anywhere in the template sections.Basically both versions were incapacitated.
I have my first very important project for quite a few years and a tight deadline.To save time I decided to upgrade from 8 to 2013 suitable for my Mac OSX 10.7.5 as the latest SU 2015 will not run on my 32 bit Mac ? I paid for an upgrade for what I thought was the 2013 version having followed the instructions but SU will not accept the serial number and says it is invalid. I have been trying to contact SU by phone but with no luck, just a guitar playing for what seems hours of waiting. I have also received no return call as yet and I am desperate to get moving on my project.
Please advise, my confidence in SU is plummeting really quickly.


As much as I enjoy using SU, it is shameful that Trimble’s customer support is weak and leaves a lot to be desired. I find it unfortunate that it is impossible to initiate a telephone conversation with a technical rep or a sales rep. That being said, you may have some success by sending an email to following email address:

I have recently communicated through this channel and received prompt replies twice earlier this week

and you should also contact them through their online webform:

It is doubtful that you will receive an immediate response although the other day, I received a reply to my last communication within a few hours. (In fairness to Trimble, the first contact was responded to within two days.)

Thanks for the advise. I appreciate you getting back to me quickly. I will try the e-mail suggestion. I agree with you it is a shame that Trimble does not take of it’s customers as they seem singularly intent on making money first and foremost with constant new versions which don’t even work on my computer.
This is unfortunately typical of most companies these days. They send you off on a wild goose chase online to check out answers to questions that are not necessarily applicable to the question you are asking because they want to save money by having almost no phone support backup.
Years ago I used to actually phone the original SU folks in Boulder when I had an SU problem and they would answer immediately. They were the friendliest and most helpful people imaginable.This was before Google took over and wrecked that side of the business. I still have no reply to my phone message but I suppose it is because I didn’t call on the one day they do have customer support.I am frankly not impressed with the direction they are going in these days. They have my money and now I feel as if I am completely on my own to fix a problem which is extremely annoying.Researching FAQs does not cover my problem and usually doesn’t anyway. Quick and knowledgable Customer support is a vital ingredient of any business that really knows what they are doing.

Be careful about copying and pasting serial numbers. Sometimes spaces creep in or the paste operation changes characters. Try to copy and paste using plain text modes if possible.

That brings up another point. Sometimes a zero may be mistaken for an upper case “O” when entering the serial number. To be on the safe side, I rarely type the number but prefer to copy directly from the authorization email that’s sent upon renewal (or upon the initial purchase}.

you cannot choose the version you want to upgrade to, the upgrade is avail for the latest version only… at least ordering directly at the SU webshop. This is typically denoted in the webshop as well as in your license email.

License data is in general version specific (2014 and older: platform dependent too) and therefore license data of the recent version does not work with older versions. You can identify the license version you have by the first letter of the serial number:

• Q : 2015
• P : 2014
• N : 2013
• M : 8
• L : 7
• K : 6
• J : 5

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The folks at SketchUp phoned from Boulder this morning and gave me new serial information which finally allowed me to open up version 2014 which until now I always believed would only work on a 64 bit computer. They were very gracious and apologetic about not getting back to me earlier but as I am up and running again I am once again a happy camper.
Thanks for the suggestions though, I appreciated the input.

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