Tape Measure bug

From what I’ve read here, I’m not the only one who is having problems with the Tape Measure tool. Looks like it was reported about two months ago. As a newbie to SketchUp, what should my expectation be for fixing known bugs?

Could you elaborate on what bugs you are talking about?

I think @2davidsbrown is referring to the tape measure toggling between add guide and not, which is not working in SketchUp Free. This makes it difficult to resize components or the model as the tape always tries to make a guide.

Although you still can resize anything by snapping between two existing corners which forces a measurement rather than a guide, then entering a value via the keyboard.

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The tape measure bug you refer to, I think, is that it permanently is laying down guides, and cannot be toggled into non-guide mode. I did try to get the web team’s attention about that, and eventually submitted a bug report.

The way things are fixed is done in a fairly strict way, with lots of planning involved. The tape measure issue isn’t fixed yet because previously reported problems were being fixed. There are frequent meetings to look at the current bug reports and prioritize them. I hope that the tape measure tool issue will be considered to be important.

The web app team are able to fix things more frequently than the desktop app team can, but they do still go through a process in doing that, and a lot of testing before a fix is put on to the public page.

So, I would remain hopeful that known issues will be fixed, but please do speak up in the forum if an issue seems not to be getting enough attention.

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I was in the midst of trying to figure out why the tape measure tool sometimes creates a guideline and sometimes creates just a guide mark. I consulted the help and learned that the Ctrl key was supposed to toggle between two modes. Mine doesn’t do that, although if you get lucky and start the tape measure in the right place (??) it will create a guideline.
As it relates to urgency, watch any of Aaron’s videos and note how many times he creates a guideline in the process of building a model. It seems to me that a problem this serious could be resolved in a short amount of time, especially since it appears to have worked at one point and subsequently got broken.

Sounds like you are mixing up normal behaviour for a bug.
The referenced bug is related to a different feature.

Guides are pulled from Edges and Guide Points are pulled from Vertices.
Tape Guides


Thank you!
I probably would have figured that out on my own - sometime next year!
I appreciate your prompt response.
Still, I don’t think the Ctrl toggle is working, do you?

The ctrl toggle is working for me on Firefox.

Haha! Chasing browser compatibility is one of the great burdens of SAS. Hopefully, we’ll hear from someone using Chrome.

Do you understand that the ctrl toggle is basically just for resizing?

Sorry I take that back, I see how it could be annoying if you can’t toggle the guide off if you just want to measure something.

In your screen recording the tape measure remains in the add guide mode. Does that mean that you didn’t tap the Ctrl key while recording?

The Ctrl does work for making copies with the Move tool, for example, but on Mac, Windows, any browser, it doesn’t toggle the guide option for the tape measure tool. If it does work for you, I wonder what is different.

I didn’t tap ctrl in the gif as I was only showing what was expected behaviour when it comes to edges and vertices.

Having tested further I see that the toggle isn’t currently working, although you can still use resize. As I mentioned above, I see how annoying it is not to be able to toggle guides off.

Hi folks.

On my Mac, I use the Option key to toggle with the Tape Measure Tool, as it is shown in the status bar, below the Modelling Window.

The toggle feature is not currently working in the web version, SketchUp Free.

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