Tap, faucet whatever

Trying to get a handle out of a tap on Make 17.
Getting an “offset limited” message. What to do?

Hoped result:
but the sticky-up lines are rectangular.
Sorry for the weird title, had to be over 10!

Tap the Ctrl key to allow PushPull tool to go past the interference point.

YES! Thanks John :smiley:

Aside from your issue about getting around push/pull snapping, I would add that this is a very odd way of going about creating a handle on this. You really should NOT push into the object on one side and then up through itself to protrude from another. It’s a kind of nonsensical way of doing this.

Simply draw a separate piece and move it into place. It’ll make your life much easier and won’t result in the sloppy, unhelpful model you clearly end up with in your method. You have internal geometry that isn’t required, plus what might be some coplanar faces.

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For future reference,a better option when needing to make a 10 character title would be putting in something relevant rather than, whatever.
Something relevant in this case would have been, why is my pushpull showing an offset limit error?
This would help others with the same error find the solution via a quick search.
Not many would get an appropriate solution if they were searching for a tap or faucet or even a whatever.