PushPull offset limited

I am doing a course to learn how to use sketch up, I have already added several windows and doors, but now I am stuck on the front door. I can see a line on the outside wall, which I think is the culprit, but when I delete it, I delete the entire face of the wall and I am unable to correct it.

When I use the push/pull function it tells me offset limited 5.02’ . I have added the file

Any tips? chapter 4 apt new version.skp (219.0 KB)

Hello Marcia,

You cannot push through to the face of the wall because the back face is not parallel with the starting face.
The other door which req. push pull is no issue as the wall is square.

You can avoid this by locking your lines to an axis when drawing.
I hope this helps

chapter 4 apt new version REV01.skp (232.8 KB)