Taking 20+ seconds for render to initialise

I recently bought a new and powerful desktop today with the following configuration:
Intel i7 8700
GTX 1050 Ti 4GB graphics
650W power
The move was to up my efficiency by decreasing modelling and rendering times.

Now, when I click on render button, it takes 15-20 seconds for the render to initialise (nothing happens on the screen - The bottom status bar says ‘Initialising render’ for most of these 20 seconds and then the render actually starts happening which happens at a good speed.

Am I missing something here? Everytime I click on render, it takes close to 20 seconds to initialise the render. My model size is close to 130MB.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA


This is massively dependent on the scene. If you have displaced materials, proxies, the number and types of lights Etc. Open the vray messages window to see if that helps. If you can pack project sbd post Dropbox link I can take a look for you.

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As far as i know hard drives take care of that initial process. It reads materials etc. from SSD/HDD and then process/renders it. So, you need a fast SSD (solid-state drive) for this issue.

Thanks for your response.
I have my OS running on SSD. Do you recommend saving sketchup projects on the SSD?

Appreciate your response and willingness to look at my file. I’m getting the following error message while packing my project: “Something went wrong during the packing process. Check the ruby console for more information.” I googled the same but did not find any troubleshooting steps.

I’m putting the google drive links to my model here is that helps:
2017 version:

2016 version:

Hi Rob,
I moved my model from the HDD to SSD and then tried to render. Unfortunately, there is no improvement. What should I do?

What version of Vray are you using?
In the Asset Editor, could you save your render settings to a file and post a link, that would be useful?

On my system which is similar to yours (i7 8700k, 32Gb, GTX1080Ti, M.2 SSD)
For the initialisation process on your scene:

SketchUp: Initializing Renderer
SketchUp: Exporting Textures
SketchUp: Parsing geometry
SketchUp: Building scene
SketchUp: Done (8.949814 seconds)

Same time regardless of renderer (Interactive or not).
I am assuming it is this period you are referring to?
VRay is not actually loading maps at this point, it happens after this initialisation period.

You have some small amount of fur in the scene, so that will account for part of the setup.

Obviously because you couldn’t pack your project, none of the textures are available so I have no way of knowing the texture sizes which could be large. SSD will only improve this but unless you are reading many hundreds of Mb’s per per map.

I’m using Vray 3.6 trial version for the time being. I’m new to these tools.
Link to render settings file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zmdo-Wen7pA-yCa2FNcNbo5fkwSVc99m

Yes I’m referring to the time period you mentioned.

Also you have over 600 materials in the file - that looks like a lot of redundant mats.
Ive just purged unused and that got rid of 250 or so and knocked 2,5 secs off the initialisation time so down to just over 6 seconds

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Woah. The no. of materials I’m actually using is not even close to 600. I’ve tried a lot of various materials. Do they keep accumulating in the model and are somehow used when a render is initialised. I’d love to know more about this and ways I could optimise my model for maximum efficiency. Maybe I could read something if you have anything to share with me. I’m a newbie right now and would love to get into depth.
I did a ‘purge unused’ and got this at the end:

How do I further reduce the no. of materials?
I have hardly defined any elements as components. I’m working mostly with groups. Whats with 128 component instances and 426 component definitions?

@bifterx This means a lot to me. Can’t stop thanking you :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be too bothered about the components at this scale in relation to Vray - your model geometry isn’t too big for it to make much of a difference, you do have a lot of lights however, You could streamline this by making a light as a component then re-using that component - you can then control groups of similar lights from a single light in the asset editor.

With Relation to materials - have a standard naming convention for your Vray Materials, that way you can see what ‘cruft’ is left and get rid of. Your Purge from Model info will only affect Sketchup materials, so you can deal with that side things. There is a purge ‘broom’ in the asset editor but Ive never got it to work, always Bugsplats Sketchup. Keep your Vray Material and texture maps in a Standard universal location or per project depending on your workflow. I tend to keep mine in a Central location as I reuse materials across projects

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I’m not sure but i think your materials need to be on SSD. I read it somewhere long ago but there is never enough space for my poor SSD, so didn’t consider it much :slight_smile:

Your inputs have helped me a lot. Kudos man!
The render initialising time has drastically come down from over 20 seconds to 4-5 seconds. This should improve my productivity. Thanks again.

No problem. Also I noticed from your render settings that you are using CPU render. You can use your cpu and leverage your gpu for fast hybrid rendering and quick interactive rendering.
Select GPU and then click the dots to. The right this will show a pop-out with your gpu ticked, also tick the cpu/c++ option. This will use your cpu as another CUDA device alongside your NVIDIA gpu for fast rendering.

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