Is my computer not good enough to render?

Im having a very frustrating problem with Sketchup. My pictures used to take around 2 minutes to render and now they take over an hour for just 1 picture. My model is around 135.5MB and my computer specs are as followed. I’ve tried changing settings in Vray turning off progressive among other things. Could someone please help me with this issue I can upload the file if needed.
Mac mini

  • 32GB unified memory
  • 512GB SSD storage
  • Apple M2 Pro with 12-core CPU, 19-core GPU, 16-core neural engine

Thank you

I would also like to add that I am fairly new to Sketch and Vray. So I’m 90% sure I’m doing something wrong but can’t figure out what it is.

The size of your file is huge, what did you modeled?, if you used objects from the 3D warehouse probably they have a lot of geometry, that can increase the size of the file unnecessarily, the more geometry you have the longer it will take to render. I’m also a Mac user but unfortunately most of the rendering engines don’t use the gpu to do the task, and rendering with the cpu takes a lot longer than doing it with the graphics, and even in programs like blender that make use of the apple gpu to render it takes a lot more time than a Nvidia gpu, cause apple gpu’s don’t have hardware dedicated to do ray tracing. Since I switched to Mac in 2012 I refused to use windows again, but the improvements that Nvidia has done with their gpu’s made me acquire a desktop windows PC after more than 10 years, I’ve saved myself a lot of time, I still use my Mac as my main machine, and the pc exclusively for rendering. I’m sure apple will implement this technology soon but so far rendering on a Mac isn’t the best experience.

Thank you for your reply. Yes I am modeling a house I added a couple objects from 3D warehouse but most are from Vray library. I understand it’s definitely not the best for rendering but it’s what I have for now I will invest in something like the Nvidia graphics cards in the future like you. But I was able to render on the same machine about 15x quicker than it is now. I believe something is wrong with my model since it’s taking about 1h and 30min for each picture. Which is about the same time it takes my 2017 MacBook Pro 16gb ram intel processor to render 1 picture.

Can you share your file, maybe some purge will help.

I have a good amount of grass on my model and I suspect it might have something to with these long renders times. Has anyone had this issue? If so what would you recommend?

How can I share it with you? max file size here is 16MB. Thank you

You don’t need to have grass in your model, Vray can create grass in the rendered image.
You have to use another platform to share a big file, like wetransfer, dropbox or google drive

I tried using scatter for the grass but as soon as I clicked render memory size would jump to 140GB and the app would crash instantly. To what email could I share it to? I will be using Wetransfer.

Thank you so much for all your help by the way.

Using grass is good if you aren’t going to render, its good just to show it in the model if you’re gonna make a virtual tour of your model.

No problem, this is what this community is for.

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Sent! Would you recommend using just the grass textures in Vray even if they just look flat when rendered? Or is there a better way to add a more realistic grass texture that is not that heavy for rendering?

Have you tried rendering after turn off the grass? If you also have displacement, turn it off as well and do a test. Progressive turn off also.

I have not tried it since I currently don’t have the skatter grass. I added lots of grass objects from Vray to cover the area I’m not sure how I could turn that grass off. Yes definitely turned off progressive. What would be the displacement?

Check this out.

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Since ‘the grass’ are components, assign a tag and turn it off. Same for trees.


This video is great I will try it also.

I’ll try it right now