Render time increased

My render times have increased from 20 minutes per render to 3+ hours. Can someone please help?
I am using SketchUp Pro 2023 with V-Ray on an HP laptop with 64Gb ram, Intel Core I7-8550U processor and an Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics card.

These are the settings from the Asset Editor

Where you using CUDA before? Have you added more objects to your model?

No, I have always been using CPU and I have not made any significant changes to the model.

What changes have you made?
Are you using models from the 3DWH?

I am using objects from 3DWH and Cosmos. Changes were made to colors and positions. I have not added new objects. Would it help if I send you the model?

Yes, it would help.

What do you see in Window menu>Model Info>Statistics when you check the “Show nested components” box? (how many edges and faces?)

Adding entourage elements from the Warehouse or Cosmos quickly multiplies the amount of geometry SketchUp and V-Ray have to process. Your computer is not an actual monster workstation but roughly on a par with my small ultrabook (with the MX250 GPU that is a tad faster) but like mine, it should run moderate models OK.

Try turning ‘progressive’ off in your render settings.