How can I make my model faster?

Hey, I am new to rendering. I am trying to render a rather large model on vray but its almost impossible to get any work done because it keeps on crashing or taking minutes to load.
Can someone help with some basic tips on how I can get it to work fast and smoothly?

First, what version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates a cvrsion that does not exist. Also, what graphics card? “gcp” is not the correct answer. The correct info will help us help you. Please fill in the correct information.

I am using the 2021 version of sketch up
I am using a CPU graphics card

There is no 2021 Make as your profile says.

Do you mean an integrated graphics card such as some Intel HD GPU?

Please put the right information in your profile.

What is crashing? SketchUp or Vray? What indication do you get that it is crashing?

Likely you can simplify your model–purge unused stuff from it first-- and then look at render settings. If there are a lot of reflective surfaces and lights they will take time to render.

Keep in mind that integrated graphics cards are generally not all that powerful and so you’ll need to be patient. Integrated graphics cards have never been recommended for SketchUp nor for rendering.

If you are getting the BugSplat windows, please send them in with your e-mail attached, and take note of the number it shows you . You can then post the number here so the visiting SketchUp team members like @colin can look them up.

Both speed and Vray crashing are likely related to using the internal graphics card. You need much more memory for rendering.

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Remove everything from your model that’s unnecessary, including Everything you don’t see in your rendering view.
Purge the model, under Model info.
Replace high poly count items like trees with many leaves, use Faceme components instead.

Your graphics card may not have adequate memory on board. EOM cards are generally inadequate. I had to buy a major card to render complex models.