Tags went away?

So, I upgraded (to 20.0.419, Windows 10) and now there’s nothing in the Tags tray. I mean, the “Add Tag”, “Tag Folder”, Search Box etc. are there, but they don’t do anything.

If I select one of my components, the “Tag” field in the Entity Info tray shows me the correct tag, but it doesn’t appear in the Tags tray. Adding a tag in the Tags Tray does nothing; nothing in the Details menu has any effect…

Am I missing some major change in how the tool works? Or is this an actual bug (and is Trimble aware of it)?

With your mouse hover over the bar in the pic and drag it down.


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That has no effect at all. Nothing happens.

I just checked on my other machine. Version 22.0.354 works fine.

Here’s what I see in the new version:

Try repairing the installation of SketchUp. Right click on the installer, choose Run as administrator, and then Repair. After it completes reboot the computer and check again.

And, again: clicking on the “Name” box has no effect other than flipping the sort arrow up and down. Drag does nothing.

This is quite annoying. I need the tags function for my application!

OK, I’ll try that. Will update later; I’m late for a meeting.

Your screenshot appears to be showing the issue that @RLGL is referring to.

That highlighted bar shouldn’t be jammed up against the name bar, by default it should be down a bit but a few people of late have had the issue.
Dragging it down can solve the problem.
Note how in my vid I can’t drag the bar all the way up like it shows in your screenshot.

@RLGL has the solution - the tags window has just shrunk and you need to resize it downwards to make it bigger

That did it! I thought @RLGL meant to pull down the Name field itself. I pulled down the bottom border of it, and there are my tags!

Thanks, everybody!

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