Problems with tags in SketchUp 23.1.329

I have had a problem when using tags in SketchUp 23.1.329, when turning a tag on or off, immediately afterwards the keyboard shortcuts such as M, T, L,… cannot be used, for them to work I have to click or a small orbit and this is very uncomfortable, in previous versions this problem was not present.
Another problem occurs when you have an active tag, when you want to add an object to this tag using the tags toolbar it fails.

Thanks SketchUp team

Is this a case of the focus not returning to the model window when the cursor is moved from the tray back into the model space? If so it’s not specific to the Tags panel and it’s not new in 2023.1. This has been an issue for a few versions.

Yes, the focus does not return to the graphics window when turning on or off a layer, maybe it can be solved, in the 2020 version there is no this problem, thanks

The developers are aware of it. Hopefully it will be sorted.

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Having this issue as well as not being able to change the tag via the toolbar dropdown. The process acts like it’s functioning as expected, but the geometry selected does not actually change tags. I have to use the Tag option in the Entity Info tray instead.

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It works for me.

There is also the Tag tool available in the Large Tool Set, the Tags panel, and the Principal tool bar which allows you to select a tag and then click on the objects you want to give the tag to. Untagged should be left active in the Tags panel.

Correct work flow is to leave geometry untagged and give tags to the groups and components in the model.

BTW, please correct your forum profile It says you’re using SketchUp 2018.

Update: Objects seem to “stick” to their named tag when trying to change them to the “untagged” tag. Changing them to any other custom named tag functions as expected. Again, though, using the Entity Info in the Tray, I can change to any tag as expected without issue.

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So what I showed doesn’t work you?

Or this?

Try changing the tag of existing tagged items to “untagged” and see if it sticks. That’s what seems to be happening for me. So, changing existing “legs” to “untagged” in my case would stay as “legs” - using your example.

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Ah … Ok. That’s different.I wonder if @colin has seen this reported.

FWIW, I hadn’t noticed that before because I don’t normally even have the Tags toolbar wasting space in my toolbar layout. Entity Info is always open anyway and with the Tags tool now it’s easier to use that with the Tags panel.

This was only recently fixed internally, and so has not yet been in any updates. As you noticed, for around for now is to use Entity Info.


A loooong career of AutoCAD has programmed my brain to think like layers. So I put them up in the large toolset layout a long time ago. I even have to catch myself not describing tags as layers because SU tags definitely do not act like AutoCAD layers- as much as I want them to! I have loathed the Tray dock ever since it was implemented, so I have continued to mostly turn a blind eye to it unless necessary. It’s a quick toggle thing for my workflow and I check it often to be sure I’m managing tags as I model a large project before it gets out of hand.

Really? As I recall, AutoCAD implemented trays and panels for the v13 release, circa 1995.

You can autohide them so that they slide out into view on top of the modeling area, rather than taking up space permanently.

We’re pretty far off topic here, but the Tray dock in SketchUp vs AutoCAD’s Ribbon interface are not remotely comparable.

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Ah… okay AutoDesk switched to the Ribbon interface. I don’t care much for that myself.

Same problem with me.

I have this issue as well. It seems random when I can and cannot move entities to tags from the toolbar dropdown.

In addition to this, the visible tags in the toolbar dropdown is annoyingly reduced to 10 or so – necessitating a lot of additional scrolling through the tag list to find the right tag.

Yes, it is very annoying and takes away our productivity.

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