Tags palette and screen space

The column for tag name is the most important in the palette. Yet I cannot resize the palette and show more of the Tags name, so that I can identify it among other similarly named tags.

The “dashes” column, on the other hand, is given loads of screen real estate, although there is no need for it.

Best would be if the column width was resizable by the user.

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This might be related.

On Big Sur 11.6 it does not adjust, so maybe this is a problem that was re-introduced by Apple :slight_smile:

I cannot reproduce this, also on 11.6. Where are you dragging? Is the panel attached to another? Which one?
Schermopname 2021-10-09 om 14.45.53 (1)

Well, it appeared to be fixed when I upgraded from Mojave to Big Sur, but it’s all still a little unpredictable. I’m on 11.6 and the latest SU build and inexplicably it sometimes happens still. It works %99 of the time and the fault is so intermittent that for a while I thought I was crazy. But I finally caught a .gif of it happening, actually switching from not working to working mid operation.


I would send a screenshot, but now screen capture in QuickTime does not work , the stop recording button is hidden from view. So I have more than one problem :slight_smile:

In Big Sur I have found the problem rarely manifests, but occasionally does. When it does it fixes itself, I don’t have any insight as to what triggers the bug or what makes it go away.

Screen recording and screenshots are now build into macOS, you don’t need to use QuickTime Player. You can type command-shift-5 to bring up the recording options, and command-shift-5 when you’re ready to stop recording.

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To add @colin, with Cmd Shift 5, select a part of the screen, otherwise, you get a lot of pixels.
Bonus, the stop icon pops up in the top bar of the screen!

thanks for the screen recording tip. here’s me sharing my palette thing …

I managed to get one copy of SketchUp to get into that state, where the Name column doesn’t resize. I went into this folder:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/

and renamed PrivatePreferences.json, then reopened SketchUp. I had to agree to the terms an conditions again, but after that the Tags columns behaved better.


Any idea if that should work in SU 2021.1.331 on Mojave 10.14.6?

I have the non-resizing Name column issue, and was told the only known solution was to upgrade the OS, which for various non-Sketchup reasons I really really don’t want to have to do!


Cool. What other info did you loose if any? Shortcuts? Preferences settings?

Haven’t used SU long enough since making the change, to see what I may have lost.

I might compare the before and after .json files and see if that is helpful to see what has fixed the issue for me. Will report later if I find anything useful.

Bizarre behaviour though, and a very serious regression for users of older OSs.

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There are reasons some of us need to try and hang back no further than Mojave for as long as possible. I’m going to have to consider a dual boot setup with Mojave on one drive/partition and latter MacOS on the other.

Colin, were you able to identify what might have fixed the issue? I’ve had a quick look at a comparison between my original and the ‘new, clean’ version of this file, and can’t see any differences that look likely to affect the issue, with one possible exception:

"TPDT": {
            "Data": "78 120 10 7 44 67 0 41 78 89 16 71 57 2 88 104 12 86 107 112 4 108 106 64 117 15 66 104 84 90 83 4 116 26 116 "

I think I could reasonably guess what most of the other lines in the file refer to (mostly saved preferences for extensions) but I wondered it TPDT might mean ‘Tag Panel DaTa’?

Not that I understand what the differences between older and newer versions of that line mean.

It will be a specific thing in that file that is wrong. I’m skeptical about whether ‘tag’ will feature in it, given that it was Layers for a long time. But it still could be what you pointed to.

I am on BigSur 11.6 and SU Pro 21.1.331. However I upgraded to BigSur in an unsuccessful attempt to resolve this issue, I first experienced the problem on Mojave.

Regenerating a new privatePreferences.json file fixed the issue for me as well. However that did cause me to lose all my other extension preferences.

I then restored my original privatePreferences.json file, and the problematic behavior returned. I then removed just the TPDT key/value pair in the original file, saved, and restarted Sketuchup. The the issue was again resolved. Adding the key/value pair back to the file reproduced the issue again, so at least for me that is definitely causing the problem.

I also noticed that when I regenerated the new JSON file that property was missing entirely, so for whatever reason it was not generated as part of the baseline configuration.

Specifically, this is what I removed from the JSON file:

“TPDT”: {
“Data”: "78 120 10 7 44 67 0 41 78 89 16 71 57 2 88 104 12 86 107 112 4 108 106 64 122 15 65 99 85 82 84 1 117 26 116 "

Update: This fix is not permanent. After deleting the TPDT property, it gets regenerated and the column widths are again stuck. @colin any update internally on a permanent fix or what the TPDT JSON property actually does?

In another topic about this same problem, someone reported that removing FredoTools seemed to fix the problem. But, I see he has removed that post now, so maybe that was another temporary fix.

I haven’t seen any updates from Trent, also I’m in the UK this week and not checking in as much as usual.