Adjusting columns in tags panel

Anyone else having an issue on the Mac with SU Pro 2022 and being able to adjust the width of the tags panel? anyone know how to fix that so I can see more of the names without eating up more of my screen?

There have been some discussions about that. We did a 2022 update yesterday that has a good number of fixes in it, including the issue with the Name column not resizing. This will give you the Mac disk image:

It was a Mac only issue, but for any Windows users dropping by, here is the Windows update:

Just installed it and it only lets me move the columns around to switch locations in the pallet. It does not allow you to slide the width of the column to make a width adjustment.

Please test your update.

This was never the case, one needs to adjust with the bottom right corner. The only column that resizes is that of the name.
Does that work?

Lets get that fixed. The Tags Pallet is kind of like an Excel Spreadsheet or a table of information. When working on a laptop screen space is at a premium. Lets get someone on that because tag names can be longer than a few letters.


I’d love to scrunch the dashes column out of existence and give that space to the name column. What a waste of valuable space.


The Bug introduced with 2021 may be fixed. The fundamental problem is not. Adjusting column width is a basic UI function we need.


Well…It seems I have touched a nerve that has bothered more than just me…Lets keep this going so we can get the fix we so desperately want.

Did you try the latest update?

The name column resizing is what has been fixed. While trying to figure out what was gong wrong, the developer did try to make all columns resizable, but ran into some issues. In the end only the new problem was fixed, it now works like it away has done.

No it does not work. You can only move column location and resize the pallet from the lower right corner. Try again.

Would be best if columns can be toggled off. But then you’d have people posting that they can’t find the column.

In systems where you can hide columns there would be a menu to choose which columns are visible.

That is how it always has worked, except for the last few months when the Name column would not resize half the time. There is currently no plan to make the columns individually resizable.

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Every time this comes up it makes my blood boil. I doubt this is a difficult fix (but I’m not a coder), so it feels like it’s just being ignored. Maybe Mac users are low priority–IDK–but it’s been a bug for a long time and should have been fixed in the 2022 release.

The Name column issue is fixed in the 2022.0.1 update that was released nearly three weeks ago. Here is the Mac disk image:

I haven’t downloaded it yet, so I’ll shut up until I’ve tried it personally. But according to the comments above it still isn’t fixed. I’m wary of upgrading right now as I’m on a project deadline and don’t want to risk any problems.

To be clear about my earlier comments. The bug which prevents automatic resizing of the columns to make the name columns wide as possible in a given window size is fixed in the latest version. It now auto resizes like it always has in previous version of SketchUp to enlarge the names column.

Many Thanks to the SketchUp Team for getting this fixed!

The fact that we still cannot manually adjust the column widths in the Tags window on Mac like we can in Layout and most other software is what I consider “broken” and still a request to be addressed.

Since I like to keep my tags window as narrow as possible, it sounds like I still won’t be able to shrink the dashes column in order to give that space to the name column, correct? (I’m aware that it didn’t do this before–which annoyed me then, too). Can a coder explain why this is so difficult?

Speaking of the tags window, has the nearly invisible greyed out font been improved?