Tag window with problems

Something strange is happening to my Tags window on Mac. I just can’t change the width of each column. They changed width just like that I cannot find a way to fix it. It has become hard to read the tags names.

Please see the attached image to see what I mean.

Any ideas? Thanks.

There have been several threads on this topic already. Might be worth reading through them.

Here is an example of what Dave was referring to:

Hi Colin and Dave,

I did what you suggested and there was no change. The columns are still compressed. Thus it seems that this is not a general solution. For me it did not work.

Are you guys going to fix it soon?

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According to your profile, you are using SU 2019. It will not ever be updated. There are other possible solutions in the forum, Search and you will find.

My profile has not been updated for some time. I am using Sketchup 21.1.331, the latest version.

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Are you able to drag the columns in another order?

Yes, I am. But I cannot change their width. The name column remains compressed. Very weird.


This fix works! One must first close Sketchup then rename the PrivatePreferences.json. I was doing it the other way around.

Thanks for the help!

The order matters because SketchUp overwrites the json files on exit based on its internal settings at the time. Any changes made to the file while SketchUp is running will be discarded!

I hadn’t gotten around to asking about this and now the fix just showed up in my inbox–thanks!

On a related note, is there some reason I can’t reduce the width of the mostly unused Dashes column, or why if I reduce the width of the Tags window, it protects the width of the Dashes column and collapses the Name column instead?

The fix mentioned above works but not for good: the problem with the Tags window has returned!

But the second time around the fix did not work, even though I closed Sketchup before renaming the Prefs file. The Tags window is compressed again!

It’s currently designed to work that way. Columns are not user sizable, never have been. It’s ugly and slow and unproductive, we all wish it would change. Sigh.


Indeed it has! However I was able to fix it by going through the process again–though it took 2 attempts to make it work.

I have not been able to fix it again.

Perhaps the way out is to uninstall the latest build. Does anyone know how to get hold of the latest build before v21.1.331?

The fix is not permanent. It takes a couple of restarts for the problem to come back.

How difficult can it be to fix such an annoying bug for good???


It’s not difficult. From my experience involved in developing interfaces and software, this kind of thing is rare because it’s actually hard to even implement such a blunder in the first place.

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I found out that after first closing Sketchup then renaming the PrivatePreferences.json it helps to empty the trash. At least it seems to limit the process to one try. I was having to do it 3 times!

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Is the column width issue fixed in 2022? I didn’t see it in the release notes. What about the unreadable grey font? These are big bugs on the Mac.

No, it isnt. And its a major pain when you cant see the names of your tags. Common SU - fix it!!