Sketchup 2021 Tags

Having installed and used SketchUp 2021 since it launched, I have issues with Tags…

The Tags tray has been renovated to allow grouping of tags. What I like is being able to toggle visibility of a group. What I don’t like is:

  1. If you size the columns, the size isn’t saved or retained into the next session of SketchUp.
  2. If you order the columns, the order isn’t saved into the next session of SketchUp
  3. The unselected Tags are in a font color that is so dim, it is barely readable. BIG HASSLE!

SketchUp really should save window settings. And the unselected tags should either be darker or a different color from the selected, or configurable.

Any thoughts/solutions would be appreciated!


On top of this:

  • In SU2021 double click on right side of the name header does NOT resize the column. (2020 does)
  • If you manually resize the column, the horizontal scrollbar does NOT appear. (2020 does)
  • If you resize the entirely Tray, all column width reset to initial (same “bug?” in 2020)
  • In 2021 there is no “-” button animore. (I’m not sure if that better or not in 2020.)
  • In 2021 the columns are unnecessarily wider than in 2020.




I normally have trays hidden and bring them up when I need them.

Specifically with the tags tray, if I exit SU with the tray visible then the next SU session does not remember the width I set, but if I have the tray hidden when I exit SU then the next session remembers the previous session set width

I couldn’t get 2019 or 2021 to avoid the columns being resized, even if I had hidden or closed that tray previously.

If you watch this screen recording, you will see that the column widths are stored, but then are defeated by the initial resize of the tray.

The thing about the tag name being grayed out is odd, given that the color and dashes columns are not grayed out, and the grayed out name is still editable.

@Mark, who should be asked about the name being grayed out?

I found that I didn’t need to resize the columns in pre-2021 versions because they weren’t indented as they are with the new grouping function. The indented groups need more space to display the text, so it has become an issue with 2021. Hope SU realizes this and fixes it…

It’s worth mentioning for the record that this is all regarding the Windows interface, Mac users have never had, and still don’t have column resizing.

We did get search functionality in the entity panel, and beginning to type pops up existing Tags.
(Not sure if Windows has it…)

The pop up tags is cool. And being able to create new tags by typing into the entity info window is also a Mac plus, I often double click the component definition text in the info window and copy/paste into the tag slot right above it to make a new tag for an existing component, it’s a time saver and keeps things organized.

Hows that work?

Well, it is not really a search function, I guess.
Select an object that is untagged, start typing the Tag (case sensitive) and it will pop up. Or was this always the case?
(On a phone, now)

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That is handy, it’s been like that for a bit I think. I’m still in 2020 and it works like that.

I guess it started in 2020, before that, tags were called different…

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I want to second the comment that the unselected Tags font color is too dim. I’ve been having difficulty and now a young designer complained of the same thing.



Hi everybody,

Thanks for the high level of detail on this feedback. @ValmontR or @JStockCo: would you mind attaching a screenshot of the ‘dim’ unselected tags? From what we’ve seen in this thread, the font color for unselected tags wasn’t changed between 2020 and 2021. But, if you are seeing something different, we would definitely want to investigate this.

It does look like the header double-click capability was lost in this update. I can’t say this was intentional, although we are hoping that filtering down to the tags you are looking for will mitigate the need to manage panel sizing continuously. Thanks, @dezmo for capturing those details. A few of these fixes are already on our radar!


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The problem isn’t color—it’s how light the greyed out items are. It is so light it is difficult to read at a glance.



That is an understatement. If the text was contrasting to the background color…


As noted by others, the dimmed out text is extremely difficult to read.

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For me , it’s the tag name width that gets reset every time I switch to Materials in the default tray that bugs me… I spend my time widening the tags name column to be able to read them…

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I am using SU2021 on Windows 10. My tags menu also shows the very light gray labels on the non-visible tags. It makes it difficult to read them. My tags window looks much like the pic from Valmont R. Can you suggest a means to improve this?

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It is actually impossible to use the Tags feature with how dim it is. I am young and have perfect vision.
The column width resetting to a super narrow default is beyond frustrating.

SUGGESTION: I would also like to be able to toggle on/off the Colour column and the Dashes column by right clicking on them. I work in Sketchup full time creating complex building models and have never used either.

I’m sticking to 2018 still!

Not necessarily arguing against (but it might seem so…)

I’m well into my 50s, suffer from myopia and now presbyopia (I refuse to submit to varifocals) and I haven’t had my eyes tested in 4 years.

Are the unselected tags colour hard to see? Could the grey colour be a little darker?

Just checked with SU 2019 and the unselected tags colour is the same as the selected tags colour.

I have to say it’s not an issue with me - just saying