SU 2020 - Make 'Tag' Column remember its size

Updating feature request for new version. The column size resets every time I switch away from the Tags Window. This is pretty frustrating, because it resets to a pretty small size, & I am constantly switching between Tags, Outliner, etc. Note that I have the Tags window in a tabbed tray. See GIF below.

Maybe there’s a workaround in somehow changing the default column size in a config file?

P.S. - Excited to experiment with new workflows – I have recently been shifting to using Outliner more, and SU 2020 seems to facilitate this.

click GIF for full size


This comes from the effect of moving the current tag (pencil) icon from the left to the right end of the columns (with the v2019 release.) Apparently the core team believes this current column must always be visible, and it scrunches the name column until the pencil icon is again visible.

It cannot scrunch any of the other columns because they are unsizeable and hard set to a certain width.

(I thought the Dashes column was sizable last version but now it isn’t.)


OK, thanks for the explanation. Maybe they moved the current column over to discourage new users from using it, yet they don’t want it to be hidden. Maybe make the current layer tag highlighted or in bold, with the pencil button in a separate column / right-click option / keyboard shortcut. Or make the resizing an option in something like ‘Advanced Settings’, or unlockable in the column headers’ context menu? I don’t know, but I don’t like having to size my tray way oversize to accomodate all the columns I don’t use.

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In Windows explorer you can select what columns to be visibile by right clicking them. Implementing something similar in Sketchup could be beneficial to everyone. Current could be hidden by default (and possibly also the only one to be toggleable since there isn’t much of a use to hide the others).