Sketchup 2021 Tags

This might have something to do with monitor settings, too. Hidden tags are grayed out but I don’t seem to have a problem seeing them on my display. I suppose they could be a shade or two darker but it isn’t a problem for me as it is.

I have the same question - it is very frustrating that every time I do anything with Tags, the name column defaults back to the nearly useless width while the nearly useless Dashes column takes over. Like Optima, I have rarely used the Dashes column, but the Name of the Tag is vital to my workflow.

Is there a fix for Window users?

Have you tried to drag the edge of the tray to make it wider?

I just tried that and it works, however - it takes up valuable screen space. Still frustrating, but a decent work-around.

Thanks for the tip!

I find it frustrating that Tags move in the list when you toggle their visibility. This makes it hard to toggle on and off (to assess affect) while looking a the model, because each time, the Tag will have moved to another position in the list. Be good if this could be ‘corrected’ so a tag stays put, irrespective of On or Off status.

You can fix it yourself. Instead of sorting by visibility, sort the list by tag name. Evidently at some point you clicked on the space at the top of the visibility column. Click on the tag Name instead.tags


Brilliant - thanks Dave!