Tags, Measurements Toolbar Size - Resize

Hello everyone,
With all of the wonderful extensions available these days, space on the desktop for all of these toolbars is at a premium. Do any of you know if it is possible to customize (resize) several of the native toolbars?
As shown in the attached image, the Measurements toolbar is too big, the Tags toolbar is too small, and the Classifier toolbar is just right. Of course, this is my personal opinion on the size of the toolbars, any help or advice is much appreciated!

Your profile is incomplete but it looks as if you may be on a PC. On a Mac, resizing the toolbars is easy. I agree that it would be good to have more control over such things in general.

Why is your ‘Measurements’ toolbar floating around instead of down on the status bar?
Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 18.34.34

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mine floats because where I have positioned it, it is faster and easier for me to see than me looking down in the bottom right…

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Doesn’t normally float, I pulled it out to clearly show the size differences.
I like having in the middle of the screen, easier to glance at.

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Yup! I’m on a PC. I was hoping that some of the ability to customize the toolbars would someday transfer from the Mac version to the PC version. One can always hope…

Can I make the Tags toolbar wider? To be able to see more the tag name? (long names)
Make the Measurements toolbar narrower? Thanks!

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For me it’s easier to assign a tag to a group than to have the tray open.

In fact I have setup shortcuts to toggle on trays when I need them - I like them off when not needed

I like being able to click on a group or component, and then simply click on tag in the tags toolbar to change it to a new tag. :slight_smile:

I was simply asking if there was a way to resize these toolbars, no worries if there isn’t.

Thanks for all the input!

Unfortunately resizing isn’t enabled but it is worth noting that you can add other tools to toolbars, this can make them more efficient.
Much like DaveR I see no use for the layers/tags toolbar because I always have Entity Info open and can quickly assign tags in the way you describe there. I keep Entity Info on it’s own tray floating in the bottom left hand corner, easily visible, accessible and out of the way when modelling.
How you set up your user interface is a very personal thing and no two will be the same.

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Thanks Box!
You’re absolutely right about user interface options being very personal. It was always a challenge when I would go to someone else’s desk to help out with their project in SketchUp. Much of the time was spent looking for the icons, let alone dealing with personalized shortcuts. My setup is geared towards a big screen for presenting, so all of the icons are at the bottom, making a clean space for viewing the project…anyone else using a smart TV for their monitor?