Tags are Sometimes Confused

I sometimes have a problem with tags that are confused with other tags. Let’s say I have Scene A associated with Tag A. Then I create a new Scene B and new Tag B. Everything in Scene A is assigned to Tag A, and B to B. A problem sometimes occurs when I copy an item from Scene A into Scene B and assign the copy to Tag B. It sometimes happens that disabling Tag B will cause the item in Scene A to disappear! But the Entity Info tells me the item in Scene A is assigned to Tag A, and the copy in Scene B is assigned to Tag B. What’s wrong? How can this problem be fixed?

You need to attach a model that shows this so we can see what is wrong.
Most likely is incorrectly tagging geometry rather than groups or components.

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Okay, I’ve attached a file with one item in each of two scenes, A and B. Disabling Tag B will cause the item in both scenes to disappear. Disabling Tag A will cause only the item in Scene A to disappear. You can see from the Entity Info that the item in Scene A is assigned to Tag A and the one in Scene B is assigned to Tag B.
TagConfusion.skp (77.1 KB)

As I suspected you have raw geometry set to the wrong Tag. Keep all raw geometry as Untagged.

Tags should only be assigned to groups and components, not geometry.

Just make a separate group for each object.

A problem you can have with SketchUp is control of visibility of new tags in scenes. New tags will be visible in every scene unless you go to the scene, hide the tag, and update the scene. Some plugins help organizing this if you are using Pro or a version that has plugins.

I often associate components with a tag. For example. a roof component, and little else, will be assigned the “roof” tag. I don’t find the same association with scenes. They could have many different tags. I guess it depends on what you are using a file for…

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Okay, Box. Thanks! I thought I had created a component, but I had never seen what you demonstrated here. Thanks again.

What speaker and I are saying is two different things, not sure why you replied to him but addressed it to me.

But yes you did create a component, the only problem with it was that you had somehow assigned tags to the raw geometry of the component, and not even all of it to the same tag, which is why you see nothing in the tag box in Entity info when I select all of it.

Be very careful with raw geometry, always keep it Untagged and only assign Tags to groups and components.

Thanks for your time and effort with this, Box. I replied to Speaker because I somehow misinterpreted that he had produced the video that you made. When I realized my mistake, I edited my comments replacing his name with yours–without realizing that I was still replying to him and not you. Compound errors. Sorry. I’m relatively new to this forum and learning slowly. Thanks again.


I’ve made a quick example to help explain it, I hope.
This is one components, each instance is assigned it’s own tag while the raw geometry within remains untagged.
The animation works as expected by moving through the scenes.
But when I change the raw geometry of the component to tag 1 the component only appears in scene 1. In truth the component is still appearing in all scenes but the geometry within is invisible in all but scene 1 so there is nothing to see. If I had changed the raw geometry to tag 2,3 or 4 it would have appeared in whichever I had chosen.
So always keep raw geometry untagged and your scenes will work predictably.

Raw geometry tags in scenes

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