Copy of component disappears when original tag is turned off

Hi there––I’ve made a copy of a component in the attached file and assigned it a different tag than the original (Benchflat, the original is on Benchmodel). However, when I turn off the Benchmodel tag, the copy of the component appears as a random assortment of lines––the faces all disappear. How can I fix this?bench.skp (242.0 KB)

Hello, That is because you have raw geometry spread on tags. Only groups or components should be assigned to tags.

I’ll quote @slbaumgartner with another good explanation for not applying tags to raw geometry :

" When a tag is turned off, the objects using it are not visible but are still active in the model. That means that the other edges and faces that you can see still stick to and intersect with the invisible ones. Very strange errors can result while you edit the model. If you only apply tags/layers to groups or components, you avoid this issue because those objects don’t stick to or intersect others."

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You’ve created this problem because you have assigned tags to raw geometry. ALL raw geometry (edges and faces) should be untagged.

Here I’ve fixed the incorrect tagging.
Screenshot - 5_3_2021 , 11_54_34 AM
See if this works better for you.
bench.skp (247.5 KB)

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Got it, thanks so much @paul.millet and @DaveR . @DaveR that file works well, thank you! I’m still confused as to how copy/pasting a component results in raw geometry, rather than another component. Would you mind walking me through how you corrected the tagging?

run TIg’s default layer (tag) geometry plugin, you can get it on sketchucation there Default Layer Geometry | SketchUcation

I used a plugin to correct that tagging but your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free and that version has no option to use plugins. You would need to go through each component, select the geometry, and in entity Info, change the tag to Untagged.

simply copying and pasting a component wouldn’t do that but if you explode the component after you’ve given it a tag, the geometry inside will inherit the tag.

Thanks so much to you both! This is super helpful––if I upgrade to Pro I’ll download that plugin

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