Layout tags get "confused" if too many changes happen in SketchUp

Hey team, I am working on a fairly complex sketchup model with multiple tags that I am turning on and off in Layout in order to minimize the number of scenes in the model.

It seems like if I go back into SketchUp and add/remove enough tags, when I re-sync my model in Layout the viewports that have unique tags separate from the parent SketchUp scene get “confused”. Layout shows the correct tags turned on/off, but what I actually see in the viewport is incorrect and seems to default back to what the parent scene has visible. I have to hit the reset button in the tags section and then turn on/off tags again to get it back to looking the way it should.

Has anything like this been reported yet?

The project is confidential but could try and transmit securely.

iIf you set up a simple project, can you reproduce that behavior?
Complexity should not have an impact, I guess?
(On a phone,now)

Hey Mike, I can give it a shot and see if I can reproduce the error; if not, I could transfer the current project backup files as it is easy to see – As soon as you sync the layout file with the latest save of the project, many of the viewports will get the tags “confused”.