Lines from a previous version of the sketchup model keep showing up in Layout window

Lines from a previous version of the sketchup model keep showing up in Layout window… I have circled and pointed them out. They were deleted from the model but still show up in the Layout windows.

I can share the model and layout privately.


Have you done changes to the tag strukture for the viewport, or is it not overridden ?

First thing that strikes me is that maybe you are seeing lines that are actually present in the model, hidden in your scene, but tags visible in the viewport.

Very well could be a tag misuse issue in SketchUp.

second thing to check: to you have duplicate viewports, where maybe one of them is referring to and older model version, so a separate older sketchup file ?

The layout file dates from June. There has been an update or two of the layout software since. I reimported the file and it’s fine now. Thanks!

The lines are back… tried everything. Renamed the linked file. Purged. HELP!!!

Details All Projects 11-04-2023.skp (5.9 MB)
scene is Hudson 1/A5.0

What’s that?

I looked…

Time to do some reading, SketchUp Help Center

I’ll check and I’ll post the layout file. I’m not sure what’s going on. I did try to rename it and I opened it in a new layout file and the lines were gone.

I searched for Tag misuse, and nothing came up

Search for using tags. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only groups and components should be given tags. Here’s the result of correcting the tag usage in your file.
Screenshot - 11_4_2023 , 10_51_24 AM

This is the same as before when SketchUp used “Layers” instead of “Tags”.

Thanks I’ll go for the components and give it a shot

Everything in this scene is untagged and there is nothing hidden. I think when you work across multiple versions, weird things happen.This file is 5 years old

In the file you shared there are over 15 thousand edges that are not untagged.

well I dont know how to search for not untagged geometry, but ThomThoms Cleanup3 moves it all to “Layer0”, ie it becomes untagged. You have to check that box and run the routine.

No need to go through all your components one by one.

Thanks, I did. Still did not behave

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