Tagging function

I really wish there was a tagging function in this location, currently tagging is very inconvenient with a long list of tags.

You can highlight the desired tag and then use the Tag tool to click on the objects you want to put that tag on. Have you tried that?

@dezmo has an extension Add tag layer by component. I do not think it is in the warehouse. I know it is in the forum. It may help. Hopefully he will pop in with a link to it.

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I can’t choose from Entity Info Tag (1) because it’s a lot
Search only works by Tag (2) but it doesn’t put the object in the tag
that’s why i want more tagging function in tag menu (2)
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Use the Tag icon to the right of the Filter field to place the tag on the group.
Screenshot - 7_4_2023 , 10_41_43 AM

tag tool
I like to turn off the visibility of the tags so I can see that the objects have been tagged. You could also choose Color by Tag and see the colors change as you tag the objects.

tag tool color

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You could try this one:

It was created specifically for my workflow and you would use it at your own risk – no warranties, etc, etc.

I think it creates a context menu item but I can’t remember precisely what it does – I’ve since modified mine to create a command menu item because I wanted the ability to assign shortcuts to assigning tags.

You could try the original Put On Layer plugin I mention.

It’s better if you just call it a “quick snippet”, but it can be installed just like the extension…

Thank bro, This is the answer that best meets my expectations :heart_eyes:

How about marking my post as the solution in case someone else comes along with the same request?

I think that new forum members can mark a post as the solution. But, a new member may not know the options or protocols in the forum. I went ahead and marked your post as the solution.