Assign Tag in Context Menu

As a speed / efficiency improvement, I would like to be able to assign tags to a selected group or component through the right-click context menu. I’ve included a couple of screenshots of similar functionality in Inkscape below. (Just think Tag instead of Layer in my example.)

I’ve looked in the Extension Warehouse for an extension that might add this functionality to SketchUp but didn’t find one. If one exists there or elsewhere, please point me in that direction. If this is a simple extension and others would find it of value, perhaps someone might even want to create it.

Inkscape example:

Inkscape right-click context menu with rectangle object selected:

Inkscape layer list pop-up dialog from Move to Layer … selection in right-click context menu:

BTW, I know the Entity Info dialog is the top entry in the current right-click context menu. I leave my Entity Info dialog menu docked in a tool tray that is not set to auto-hide, so my cursor doesn’t jump to the Entity Info dialog when I select it from the context menu.

This would be a nice-to-have that would save me visual focus changes and several mouse moves / clicks, especially when I’m preparing my model organization for LayOut.

Come to think of it, even if the Entity Info dialog would just pop up near the cursor when selected from the right-click context menu … even when that dialog is docked in a tool tray … that might be an even better efficiency improvement to the SketchUp UI.

Try the Put on Layer plugin…

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I’m actively reducing clicking on the mouse buttons where practical.

With this plugin you can set up keyboard shortcuts for your most frequently used tags (layers)

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Let’s try Curic LA extension!
The context menu will be bad if you have many layers and many plugins will take up space

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