Is there any way of matching one layer to another, similar to the paint bucket?

I’m wondering if, when creating an object, or importing one from the warehouse, whether I can match the tag of something nearby, or whether I have to go to the entity info every time and scroll down to find the layer I was to assign it to (I currently have a lot of layers). Help appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand what it is you want to do. Tags are assigned to objects (components or groups) in a model to be used mainly for controlling visibility of the objects. What properties of the tag do you want to duplicate?

I have a feeling it isn’t really the tag you need to “match” but seeing an example of what you are trying to do would help.

The only property I’m hoping to match is the tag it’s assigned to. So for example, if I draw a window, when I’m done, I want to assign it to the ‘windows’ tag. I happen to have a different window already on the ‘windows’ tag on the drawing. So, instead of going to the entity info and scrolling to the bottom of my tag list, I’m wondering if there’s a way of clicking on the window that is already assigned the ‘windows’ tag, and then on the new window that isn’t assigned a tag yet in order to put it on that same tag.

Oh. That’s easy enough. Once you’ve created the window component, select it and in Entity Info, choose the Window tag from the drop down list. That puts the Window tag on the window component. (you don’t put objects on tags, tags go on objects.)

My hope is to avoid the dropdown list, as sometimes I get drawings form consultants that are a mile long and finding tags makes my eyes cross, and takes forever. I would be much quicker for me to match it to an object that has that tag already on it. I remember there being a cad command like this, so I wondered if there was a similar thing in sketchup.

If you are careful with it, you can make the Window tag active just before you create the component and the component will have the tag. You want to make sure that the edges and faces remain untagged.

Gotcha, thanks for the replies.

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