How do I get elements into a "tag" in Shop?

Seems impossible to do. I can’t click from one label another, much less put elements into a “tag”. What is up???

R Surgery

I tried to follow your GIF, but I really need words. I did have my outer walls highlighted. Do have them as a group. Then deleted my unpopulated tag, and made a new one called “outer walls”, while the walls were highlighted. The group did not go into the tag as shown in your gif-- when I “turned off” that tag, the walls were still there, unlike your gif. Ideas?

Always draw a piece of your model on Tag “Untagged”. Make it into a component (my preference) or group to separate it from other geometry.

You don’t put objects ‘into a tag’. Tags are NOT containers (components or groups are containers. Tags are just visibility attributes you can turn on or off).

You assign a visibility tag to one or more objects (groups, components, or dimensions for example, but NOT edges or faces).

Create a new tag (if you need to) using the Tag icon on the right hand side of the SU Free window as Box shows in his GIF above.

Select the object you want to have a tag assigned to.

Click the top right icon Entity Info if it isn’t already open (it is open in Box’s GIF). Pick the tag you want to assign from the drop down list.