SketchUp Shop How to Use Tags

I downgraded to Shop to suit my home project budget. I’ve looked everywhere for an accurate description of how Tags work. I could only find a couple of vague videos.
I used layers in the past without a flaw. How do I add the visibility “Tags” on the online version called Shop.
My goal is to add tags so that I can toggle components or groups on/off.
The new format is not user friendly.

Create tags in the Tags panel. Click the + at the bottom to create a new one. To assign a tag to a group or component, select the groups or component and make the setting in Entity Info. Then back in the Tags panel, click the eye icon to turn the visibility on or off.

By the way, make sure that pencil icon in the Tags panel is always set at Untagged and make sure you keep all edges and faces untagged.

FWIW, the real difference between old SketchUp’s layers and the current tags is the name. The function is the same.

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