Assign or Match Tag (more easily) Tool

I think I know the answer to this, but figured I would double check… Is there a way to assign tags that is more efficient than choosing the entity and then using the drop down menu? Something similar to a match properties tool in autocad or a paint bucket tool for tags would be ideal.

Or maybe there are other suggestions for what I am trying to accomplish:

When I design a house, I use the materials pallet paint bucket for the materials as the model develops and this works well to develop perspectives that give the client and others a reasonable sense of the proposed pallet of materials. Unless I have a specific need to control visibility, all entities are set to to “untagged”

In the case of a project with a dark color pallet, the model with materials does not translate well for technical elevations- leaders and dimension lines get lost or are difficult to read over dark materials. To work around this, I then take the model and assign tags to surfaces or entities within groups. By assigning colors or textures to the tag for each surface I can then use lightened grayscale versions of the darker textures. A style is created with the Color by Tag box checked for technical elevations. This allows me to generate black and white or grayscale technical elevations from the same model that I used to show the client a closer representation of the proposed pallet of materials. This process has worked well, but for large models the process of assigning everything to Tags as needed for the technical elevations can be tedious.


There was discussion about this topic recently here: Assign Tag to Object Plugin

I now use @paul.mcalenan’s extension and it works well for me. Faster than using Entity Info I find (providing your list of tags is not too huge).

And if it works for you, you can set up keyboard shortcuts for your most frequently used tags.

e.g. I use the number pad to assign my most frequent tags to objects.

Thanks- I hadn’t seen the other thread. Curic LA’s extension looks like it might work. Unfortunately, can’t figure out what’s up with that website and how to purchase or download anything. Based on the number of Tags I typically have, I don’t think a key board shortcut will work.

If Curic’s page at the Gumroad website is working as it should, you would enter a ‘fair’ price for the extension or just enter 0. Click “I want this!” and then follow the rest of the purchase instructions…

Ah ha- Thanks for helping me with the obvious! Curic LA’s extension is helpful and makes the process a little more efficient.