Tag Stacking Order (In lieu of Arranging)

Just playing around with Tags(Layers) and trying to test a statement in another post which said that the Arrange feature in Layout which permits you Move Back / Bring Forward can be achieved using Tags / Layers.

I have watched the very useful Tutorial on Tags / Layers which sets out the golden rules and explains how geometry is changed across layers. But it make no mention of arranging.

From my little experience it would appear that the order in which a Tag is creates dictates its stacking order. Rename Tags so that they appear in a different order alphabetically does not alter their stacking.

Am I correct it this thinking.

Is there another way to bring forward or move back so that this order is respected when multiple layers visible.


Forget about them being stacked, they are visibility tags, they do not do anything to the physical arrangement of anything.
Which is one of the reasons for the name change. People think they work like layers in 2d applications, just like you saying can I move them back and forward.
In 3d space that which is in front is the geometry that is physically in front.
Layers/Tags allow you to turn on and off the visibility of objects that have been tagged .

In the SketchUp universe, the word ‘LayOut’ refers to the accompanying App LayOut , not the commonly known term ‘layout’

LayOut has an ‘arrange’ functionality, SketchUp has not.

It’s easy to get them mixed up on this forum, watch the category in which they are posted.

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Yes yes I got that sorted and understand that arrange is a feature of layout.

Hi, yes indeed I got the 2D, 3D difference so was exploring if tags have any form of stacking order. My intent to reduce the amount of tidy up when two component overlap.

I have been using solid tools to effect that tidy up where needed and was looking for a quick way of doing this.

If you want to retain the component name, tags, materials …then use Eneroth’s solid tools

Thank you