Tag Order in LayOut

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I’ve encountered a new conundrum in LayOut. I’m adjusting the line weights and colours in LayOut, but one might override another where faces are touching in SketchUp. For example, I have millwork against a wall, and when I make the wall tag black in LayOut, and the millwork a light grey, then the portion of the wall where the millwork is touching will read as light grey. This may be an issue of how the tags are arranged in LayOut (because millwork IS ahead of wall), but there is no option that I can see to re-order them. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?

Off the top of my head (not at computer) this is similar to what I reported when the tag override feature came out.

There was some discussion but ultimately nothing was done about it (or maybe couldn’t be done).

For one of my specific issues I came up with a workaround creating extra grouped geometry in Sketchup and viewport stacking in Layout.

I also found that offsetting geometry by a 1mm or so helped - so in your case, as I understand it, the side of the mill work incident with the wall, offset the mill work by 1mm and the wall could show… but that might mess with dimensioning.

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Tags are for controlling the visibility of elements in SketchUp and when they are imported into LayOut.
Even if you change their order, this does not change the spatial position of the objects in SketchUp.
But you can draw a line over the SketchUp model to cover what you want.

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Have you tried hiding the face & edges (in SU) that are “against the wall” to see if that will display as you would like?
I’m just guessing here as without a visual that’s all that is possible.

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an extra stacked viewport on top with only the lines you want in front will fix it.

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