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Two Feature Requests:
LayOut Tags - Sort Order
SketchUp - Darker faded gray Names for non-visible Tags

  1. I searched to see if there is an ability to change sort order of Tags in LayOut, and did not find any solutions. It appears that LayOut Tags presently sort in the sequence by which they were created in SketchUp. I would like to request that we may sort in the same manner and results as SketchUp.

  1. I like the new faded gray appearance of “non-visible” Tags in SketchUp. However, I would like you to consider using a little darker gray “for the faded appearance”.

210117-suf SU Tag Tray

Thanks for your consideration


+53, also for outliner

(53 is my age as autotext, btw, so it should increase automatically )

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Oh come on! You aren’t that old!

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I specifically do NOT like the grayed out tags. And, BTW, what was wrong with the more appropriate name of “Layers”?

I sort of agree, but it is only a name. Not worth the zillion posts about it.