TAGS won't preserve order when displaying or hiding a tag

Using Sketchup Web when you create Tag they get ordered by creation date. You can sort the Tag alphabeticly using the button. But when I toggle the “visible” option on a tag all the tags get reordered so it’s really confusing because the option that you clicked move away. This bug make the sort feature useless because you have to constantly reorder after changing visibility of tags.


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Can anyone reply to this? I’m having the same issue. Are there any plans to fix it?


This is what I see when I change the visibility of tags.

Yes, this is disturbing, all though I dislike the large dots even more.
Instead of one option to sort, I would rather have the option to sort by color and visibility, too.

Like Powlin said, sort them alphabetically first and then change the visibility of tags. The alphabetical order gets undone (and reverted back to chronological order) when you toggle visibility. Can you confirm it happens to you too?

Yes!! I completely agree!! Good idea!!

Just chiming in: we have a few projects related to tags in the work right now, so this feedback is really useful and I hope we have something to show for it in the next few months!

This is still happening, any ETA on a fix?

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