Tag re-order when turned off

Wondering if there is any way to turn off this new feature where turning off a tag re-orders it to the bottom of the folder. Do no like this feature as I have an order to my tags that makes my workflow…well…work. Additionally, when making the tag invisible the view of the tag list adjusts to the where the now invisible tag is located. If I was planning on making a group of tags next to each other invisible, the tag shifts down and now the tag under my mouse pointer is NOT the one I want off and I’m turning it off. Additionally I then have to scroll back up my tag list to find where I was and continue switching off tags. have to do this every time I hit the tag eyeball. Very frustrating behavior.

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The team is aware of and working on the issues that you are experiencing.

It sounds like you have the list order set to arrange by visibility. This is done by clicking on the column area above the eye, in this mode the list order is intentionally arranged by visibility so changing the visibly re-orders a tags place in the stack.

Click once on the word “name” above the name column to set the display order to be by name. Notice the small arrow, a second click on name changes from A-Z to Z-A.

good call on that one. I guess I created that problem at some point by mistakenly hitting the top of the visibility column. Would have never known that was there. The stuff I don’t know about Sketchup…


It’s a bit awkward on the Mac as there is no arrow above the visibility column to indicate that it’s set that way, it just stays blank so it’s easy to miss.