Tag-names [Layers] ordering in v2020

Hello every body,

I am new on this community and pleased to join you.

I have an issue with balises (layers) on skp 2020. I name them with number so the 1-XXX should always be before the 2-XXX etc. But with skp 2020, when I hide one, it move to the end of the layer’s window. I always use the same layers and I like them to stay in the order i chose, hidden or unhidden.

Is it a way to keep them in orden, even with hidden layers ?

Thank’s a lot.

@Chavanes, you can sort tags by unhidden/hidden or by name. Click on the appropriate tab above the list to change which one you would like.

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Yes, thank’s !

I’d like to suggest you edit your topic title to read:
“Order of tags display in Tags panel”

Based only on your current title (“Layers order in skp 2020”), and before reading your question, I thought two things:

  • You aren’t really on 2020, since 2020 replaced “Layers” with “Tags” and
  • You were asking about how Archicad style Layers are overlayed in Sketchup (they aren’t - and that’s part of the reason Trimble changed “Layers” to "Tags!)

Changing the topic title will help people searching for answers to your same issue in the future.