Custom Tag Sorting

Hi there,

A feature that i think would be really handy would be to add custom sorting of tag names for Sketchup For Web.

One problem that i often face is wanting to sort the tags themselves or the their folders in my own custom order. The only way to achieve this is to add a number to each tag or folder.

For instance, lets say i have four components to a house frame. They are bottom plate, stud, top plate, and cap plate. From bottom to top they go in that order. If i want them to be ordered that way in tags i would have to name each tag with the following names.

00 - bottom plate
01 - stud
02 - top plate
03 - cap plate

This works but requires work. Furthermore, if i want to add something before the bottom plate then i have to change the numbers to all of them. For a major project involving many tags and folders this becomes tedious and frustrating. It also takes up more screen space since the names become longer.

So the solution that i propose is to have tags custom arranged like scenes. In scenes you can drag and drop each scene to different ordering and it remains that way. So why not the same feature for tags. All it requires is adding custom sorting as an option and have sketchup remember the order. Then the user can switch between custom, a to z, z to a, or by visibility in the overflow menu in the tags panel.

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Interesting idea.

FWIW your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Pro 2017. I think it’s safe to say that there’ll be no new features added to that ancient version.

Im using Sketchup Go. I will update my profile.

Are you already using tag folders? If you make tag folder 00, 01, 02, and 03 and then make other folders within them, can you sort it out the way you want?

I don’t know what your talking about. The only way to sort tags and tag folders in a specific custom order is through numbering. I’m already doing that for both tags and folder tags. But its bothersome to work this way as opposed to the solution i proposed above.

Great idea

Simply dragging them into a custom order would be ideal.

Tags.skp (135.6 KB)

Is this what you are doing right now with your tags? I made a simple example.

take a look at a post I made a few months ago:

“Tags and Tag Folders - Here we go again”

The system works well and the sort carries into the Entity Info Panel. The system also deals with both Tag Folders and individual tags.

Edit: Added link to post per Paul’s recommendation and instructions

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Took a short while to find your post using Search.

Maybe include a link…

I do not know how to include a link.

Are there any instructions for the software used on this forum? What is the software?

The way I do it — and there may be a “proper” way to do it that I am not aware of — is to right click > Copy link address on the post title and then paste that into the editor.

Thanks Paul

I adde a link in my previous post.

Every post has an icon of a pair of chain links at the bottom right, clicking that Icon will give you a link you can post into another thread.

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Thanks Box. I see the link Icon. Bigger than life!

I use numbering for both folders tags and the tags themselves. I have something more on the lines of the following:

00 - Foundation
01 - Insulation
02 - Framing

Within framing i have:

00 - Bottom Plate
01 - Stud
02 - Top Plate
03 - Cap Plate

These are just a short list of what i have. I actually have many more. I also expect there to be many more as i develop the project. For this reason it would really make it nicer if i can custom order the folders and tags.

Of course im all ears if ordering the parts to a house could be done in a better way. At present im ordering them from the perspective of building the house from the ground up. Sort of like the construction steps.

The truth is even with custom ordering of tags, i think the ultimate way to check tags on and off is to save them as scenes and work with the scenes instead. Of course it would still be nice to have custom ordering of tags.

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You can drag tags to a custom order!

You can drag Tags into folders, but you cannot change the order of the Tags. They are always listed in alpha-numeric order.

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Letters and numbers is interesting.

So if you have A0 and B0 and you want to add something in between and don’t feel like changing all the names then you just add A1. With 00 01 02 if i want to add something in between 00 and 01 i would have to do 001 which lengthens the name which in turn is undesirable.

Nonetheless, it would be so much easier with custom sorting. I really hope a developer sees this thread and realizes the benefits.

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Even before tag folders, I’ve used special characters to sort them into neighborhoods, but that may be too clever and cryptic for others. Just using numbers is probably more transparent. There are a few official numbering systems like the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) system if that suits your model organization. I do use it to organize my component library folder on disk.

Actually, you can sort via four different way’s in the desktop app, visibility, name, color and dashes.
That might give some extra options for breaking down the model.