Tag freeze my entire Sketchup when i try to change colors

Hi im new here but i have been resolving a lot of my issues so far with this forum.

I have SKP pro on Windows 11 and tonight everytime i try to change the color of my tags the my sketchup won’t let me do anything other than zoom in and out. It will also make an error sound wherever i click…

Any body can help me out?

Hi Marchemale, did you try updating to the latest build?

Sounds like the colour change dialog is opening offscreen.

Ah @Box … think you may be right… it shows all the symptoms of that… especially the mention of the error win sounds… happened to me once on one of my extensions as i was using a secondary monitor (the menubar was competely hidden from click access)

Dear Sketchup guru! The incantation worked well but i had to down size my sketchup window first. The color box was off my monitor on the right and the incantation of the alt+space+m could only worked on a smaller window. Then I saw a 2 item menu appear and i moved the it back to my screen.


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